Doing the impossible || Clare and Eli

Clare hated the fact that Ms. Dawes choose the partners. It wasn’t fair that she was going to have to work with someone she didn’t like . What if he lied and said her paper was good but it was really awful. Her grade could suffer because of this. She just hoped that he would care enough about getting a good grade that they could make this work. Clare didn’t know what it was about Eli but she really didn’t like him. Maybe it was the fact that he wore all black and drives a hearse. That shouldn’t matter though, she’s never judged anyone by the way they looked before. Clare let out a sigh and decided that it was time to get ready. 

Her and Eli decided that they would meet at The Dot to work on the assignment.It seemed like the best place since Clare really didn’t want to go to his house or let him into hers. She figured at some point it might have to come to that but she didn’t want to think about that at the moment. Clare put on a cardigan over her dress and grabbed her stuff before leaving her room. Her mom gave her a ride to The dot where she impatiently had to wait for Eli. She pulled her laptop open and started to write down idea’s to take her mind off of the fact he wasn’t there yet. Even if she was early. 

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    “Then it’s declared, little writer it is. Give you a new start for the year.” Eli said with a slight smirk coming across...
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    Clare shook her head. “Whatever you say Eli.” She looked at him and frowned. “Didn’t take you long to hear about that...